Jacobean Way Miñoto Ribeiro

Stage 7: Soutelo de Montes - O Foxo

Soutelo de Montes - O Foxo


Length: 27,50 Km.
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated time: 5 h. 57 min.
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We leave behind Soutelo de Montes and we take a turning towards Gaxín until we arrive at Gomail bridge. The trail leads across impressive landscapes to finally arrive at O Foxo - A Estrada.

Section 1: Soutelo de Montes - Forcarei

  • Length: 10,20 Km.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Estimated time: 2 h. 13 min.
Once we cross this village by main road we take a turning to Gaxín, where we will turn left into a stone-paved and dirt track, running between walls and 4 meters wide, which will take us to Gomail bridge from the 15th century. After 200 metres we go down a stone paved and dirt road, agained between walls and 3 metres wide, with sidings, which will take us to a stone crossing. We go across and follow a similar track to arrive at an asphalt road, which we cross behind a football pitch, arriving at Forcarei, where we can visit its parish church and crucifix.

Section 2: Forcarei - Salouzáns

  • Length: 13,20 Km.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Estimated time: 2 h. 52 min.
Once we pass Forcarei we head toward Chamosa and Salgueiro along an asphalt road, which we will leave in the last of these villages. We arrive at a road in the place known as As Casetas, where we continue to Lebosa, Quintillán - a Roman toponym and  home to a wayside crucifix with a scallop shell at its feet. There is also the San Amaro hermitage and Meavía village, with toponyms like Rúa or Cruceiro. Once we cross this village and we are heading northwest, along an asphalt road at the beginning and later a dirt path, which leads to a peak known as A Cruz do Coto, on the border of A Estrada municipality. The dirt path leads to Castrelo de Arriba, in the parish of Pardemarín, with its parish church. We continue along the path to arrive at Salouzáns.

Section 3: Salouzáns - O Foxo

  • Length: 4,10 Km.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Estimated time: 53 min.
We take an asphalt road until we reach Lamas parish church and arrive at the parish church of Rubín, which preserves in its walls three late Roman or paleochristian tombstones; they remind us of just how old these places are. Following the path we will arrive at O Foxo, in the municipality of A Estrada.

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