Jacobean Way Miñoto Ribeiro

Stage 1: Portela do Home - Lobios

Portela do Home - Lobios


Length: 12,80 Km.
Difficulty: Medium-High
Estimated time: 2 h. 46 min.
Download route: (Kml) Click here.
Galicia can be accessed from Portela do Home through a border crossing which connects Terras de Bouro (Portugal) with Lobios (Galicia, Spain)

Section 1: Portela de Home - Vilameá

  • Length: 8,10 Km.
  • Difficulty: Medium-High
  • Estimated time: 1h. 45 min.
We leave Portela do Home and go along a Roman road, which will lead us to a group of milestones in A Ponte Nova. We follow the route and reach the ruins of a Roman mansion Aquis Originis. The route will take us towards Vilameá, on which way we will walk past a magnificent 16th-century roadside crucifix.

Section 2: Vilameá - Lobios

  • Length: 4,70 Km.
  • Difficulty: Medium-High
  • Estimated time: 1h. 1 min.
When we leave Vilameá we will cross a historic bridge and several renovated  watermills, and then head to Portela de María and then towards LOBIOS.

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Rúa Otero Novas, 1
32200 Cortegada (Ourense) - Galicia


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