Jacobean Way Miñoto Ribeiro
A Arnoia will have a hostel on the Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro route
The Council of A Arnoia will have a hostel in Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro and in collaboration with the Ourense Provincial Council, projects will be developed such as the conditioning and improvement of the surroundings of the chapel of San Mauro or the organization of an international test of «paddle-surf ». The actions in said municipality were advanced coinciding with the visit of the president of the Diputación, José Manuel Baltar Blanco, to A Arnoia to find out the status of the works that are being carried out in O Pazo street thanks to a grant from the provincial body. The municipal councilor, Rodrigo Aparicio, thanked the support of the Provincial Council and assured that "we will work on the harness" to materialize the announced projects.

To create the future hostel on the Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro route, an action that will serve to strengthen this path to Compostela, an old school will be conditioned. In the works section, the humanization of the surroundings of the San Mauro chapel and the improvement of the sanitation network in A Ponte were also announced.
Rúa Otero Novas, 1
32200 Cortegada (Ourense) - Galicia


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