Jacobean Way Miñoto Ribeiro
Presentation of Camiño Minhoto Ribeiro in the city of Braga
The Archbishops of Santiago, Monsignor Julián Barrio, and of Braga, Monsignor Jorge Ortiga, attended the last September 18 in that Portuguese city at the official presentation of the Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro, which took place during a meeting promoted by the dean of the cathedral of the ancient Roman city of Brácara Augusta, José Paulo. It was about the signing of "a historical document", according to the president of the association, Avelino de Francisco, who brought together 16 municipalities from Galicia and 6 from Portugal for the same objective: to achieve the declaration of this route as Camiño Xacobeo, as reported by the newspaper "La Región". For its part, the Portuguese newspaper “Diario do Minho” indicated that the Caminho Minhoto Ribeiro reinforces the religious and cultural ties between Braga and Compostela. In fact, it is a route that starts from the Cathedral of Braga to that of Santiago. Both prelates, noted the Portuguese newspaper, were convinced that the new pilgrimage route to the Apostle's tomb will strengthen those ties between the two historic cathedrals.


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