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Boborás, art and nature. We are part of the Way

Source: Asociación Camiño Miñoto 28/02/2020

Boborás, art and nature. We are part of the Way
Take a deep breath, open your eyes, wake up ... Yes! You are here, in Boborás, the dream place.
There is a lot to show, because the land of Boborás has it all, and a lot of it: megaliths, ancient ruins, human-shape tombs, shelters, traces of ancient mining, bridges, pazos (Manor houses), churches, towers, crucifixes, horreos (ancient granaries), laundries and the landscapes to fall in love with: from the 'Alto do Paraño', with its breathtaking views, such as from 'A Fenteira', to the wild and beautiful walk along the Arenteiro, Viñao and Avia rivers among others. Closer to the Ribeiro area the terraces and the Vineyards become the protagonist.
Boborás definitely deserves a visit - each place holds surprises and treasures, but above all experiences and memories! Yes, you know it well, you are here, in the dream place...

For all this and much more, we invite you to come to our region so you can experience the charms that Boborás and its lands still hide.
You are in Boborás.
Boborás, Art and Nature
Rúa Otero Novas, 1
32200 Cortegada (Ourense) - Galicia


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