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A Walk through the town hall of Forcarei

Source: Asociación Camiño Miñoto 01/03/2020

A Walk through the town hall of Forcarei
The land of great 'canteiros', who left their works scattered all over the country and also outside its borders.
It was the cradle of illustrious people like Avelino Cachafeiro (a piper of recognized international prestige).
In this municipality there are great monuments like the following one:
• The monastery of Santa María de Aciveiro was a mediaeval Cistercian monastery that served as a spine of the economic and social life of the Land of Montes, from its foundation in the twelfth century to the exclaustration produced by the confiscation in the nineteenth century, and more specifically in the year 1842 – the date on which its public auction took place.
At present the church is used as a parish church while the monastic dependencies have been subject to restoration and currently host a hostel-monument.
It has been considered a Historical Artistic Monument since 1931 and at present it still has the consideration of Cultural Interest.
Castrelo warning tower.
Of its monuments and history we highlight:
Castro de Loureiro, Lagoa Sacra, Monastery of Acibeiro, Grovas (an abandoned mining town), Serra do Candán (a protected natural area), Gomail Bridge (Roman), Andón Bridge (Acibeiro).
Rúa Otero Novas, 1
32200 Cortegada (Ourense) - Galicia


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